Carole Rabe

  • Red Roses and Reflection
  • Pots on a Windowsill
  • Paper Whites
  • Floral Chair
  • White Lights

Carole Rabe is an oil painter whose interiors and still lifes are created from direct observation. Her immediate surroundings provide the imagery for her paintings. She is interested in the way light reveals and conceals forms, and how it influences the color of objects. Her compositions explore relationships—between shapes, values, colors, objects, and the rectangle of the canvas. Human presence is implied in her paintings.

Read Carole’s profile in Cape Cod Arts Magazine Summer 2014 issue.


Watch an Art Beat interview with Carole Rabe at, Wellesley, MA’s Cable TV network. Click on Art Beat.

Next Exhibition

Visit the Powers Gallery, 144 Main St., Acton, MA, and the Elizabeth Rowley Gallery, 84 Route 6A, Orleans, MA on Cape Cod, to view some of Carole Rabe’s paintings

Heading South? Visit the Atelier Gallery, 153 King Street, Charleston, SC, to see some of my paintings.